Sirius Online – A Long Road Ahead – Let’s Preview

Early Access Folks.
Early Access Folks.

Welcome to Sirius Online my friends! This game is looking to be something of an online Freelanceresque style game, and so far it’s coming along fairly well. There are still issues like tutorials that break and space stations one can fly through, but hey, early access. What they nail, so far, is the flight and combat feel from Freelancer. That, my friends, is spot on, and no mean feat since other games have tried for that kind of combat and failed miserably. Overall, this is coming along fairly nicely, but has quite a long road ahead until it’s fully playable.

Author: Brian Rubin

4 thoughts on “Sirius Online – A Long Road Ahead – Let’s Preview

      1. You might be surprised, but I took your entire Video, got all the critique points out of it, and fixed nearly everything for the upcoming 1.1 update. Character Creation, Factional Warfare, Bigger Universe, Tutorial is Cut for now (new one’s in the works), new mining, less annoying background music, proper redo of the market, better key handling, better network, better performance, better scanning, enemy invasions and a lot more to come.

        I do not get “This game is a joke”, because whats funny about someone working hard on a game.

        1. Your work is appreciated, to be sure. Some folks just have issues with entitlement/expectations.

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