Tell Me Why I Think Mondays are Alright… – Daily Dispatch for 9/24/18

It’s Like Visiting an Old Friend…

Opening/Random Thoughts

Another Monday is here, and another weekend is behind us. I had a really busy weekend my own self, and I’m still tired from it. Did a 5K, spent time with the in-laws, made a ton of videos and so on. I can’t complain really, but I can I try not to dislike Mondays. This particular, individual Monday I do not like, though.

Today’s Video(s)

This week’s game of the week is Star Control: Origins, which I had a grand old time with. The writing is funny, the exploration is meaningful, the resource gathering is fast and the combat feels pitch-perfect. They did a great job recapturing the feel of these old games like Star Control and Starflight REALLY well. It also has surprisingly great voice acting. Overall this is a good one, y’all.

Since we’re having the developer of Executive Assault 2 on the podcast tomorrow morning, he was nice enough to give me access to a very early version. Even though I never played the original — a slight I plan to fix soon — and the game comes with a small amount of documentation, it wasn’t difficult at all to get into the groove of this game. And what a game! I can fly fighters and frigates, run around my station, take over remote systems and more. It’s GREAT.

Today’s News

Today’s Deals

What I’ve Been Playing

  • Din’s Legacy – More of this, of course. Started a new character due to the latest patch, and am having a really lovely time. I just wish there was a way to find the locations of quests I’m given. Even something on the map. It’s fine though, running around killing and leveling is still fun as hell. BEWARE MY MINSTREL/FIRE MAGE. ;)
  • Stellar Tactics – After getting some tips from the game’s forum, I was FINALLY able to pass the boss fight I was stuck on and get to my spaceship. HOLY CRAP. This game, if it continues on its current trajectory, is gonna be something. I mean you have a spaceship, you can land on stations and planets, walk around them all and so on. It looks like it’s gonna be HUGE.
  • LOGistICAL 2: Belgium – This needed a patch or two after I played it the other night, but now it’s right as rain, and VERY different from the original. In the original, you took commodities to downs to solve them. Now, you take commodities to mailboxes to unlock towns. It’s an interesting new way of doing things that I think I like a lot.

Wheeeeww. That was a big one folks, but I hope you found it useful. See y’all tomorrow at the buttcrack of dawn for our podcast, y’all. Have a great night!

Author: Brian Rubin

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