Let’s Preview Xenoraid – Bullet Hell Yeah!

Pew Pew! Boom Boom!
Pew Pew! Boom Boom!

Welcome to Xenoraid my friends! This game of shoot ’em uppity is different from a lot of other shooters in many ways. First, your ship is on something of a gimbal, so you move a bit to the left and right as you maneuver, making aiming much trickier than in other vertical shooters. Secondly, you have friends with you. Using the controller buttons, you can switch from any of the up to four ships you bring with you, which can have different weapons and levels of health. This way, if you juggle your fleet properly, you’ll make it through each mission without losing anyone. This is key because your pilots can level up and get better, so you wanna keep them alive. There’s a lot going on here, and since the missions are procedurally laid out, it’s different every time. It’s very fun, very challenging and if you’re a shmup fan, you’ll love this thing.

Author: Brian Rubin

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