Stars in Shadow – A Solid Start – Let’s Preview Entry 1

Oh yeah.
Oh yeah.

Welcome to Stars in Shadow my friends! In this 4X, you do what you do in a lot of other 4X games, explore, expand, all that, but there are a couple of flourishes. First off, the humans are wandering nomads without a home, which makes dealing with them very interesting. Secondly, there are some interesting things going on here with UI, diplomacy and research that make the game stand out a bit. I like how you can queue up research to get to a specific technology, the dialogue for dealing with other races is funny and I like how you can colonize another planet in the same system directly from the production screen, no new colony ships needed. In this first entry, I take over the sciency insect folks and DO THE SCIENCE, plus avoid combat as much as possible. We make new friends, avoid pirates and give the side eye to some slavers. Overall, it’s a good time.

Author: Brian Rubin

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