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Gonna Be an Awesome Year! 2

Site Stuff: Some Changes in 2016

Hey folks, happy new year! I hope y’all had a lovely holiday season, and that 2016 is even more awesome for y’all than 2015! I’m chiming in because there are gonna be some changes...

Independence War 2 0

Staycation Streaming Schedule!

Hey folks, I’ve FINALLY put the calendar together for my Staycation Streaming Festival on YouTube, starting Monday, 12/21/15 and going most days through the end of 2015. The goal is to stream each game...

Time for Some Introspection... 8

State of the Blog: November 2015

Hey friends, how y’all doin’? I’ve not done one of these kinda “check in” posts in quite a while, but with the holiday sales/end of the year/holiday season in general approaching, I thought I’d...