State of the Site/Check-in – October, 2020

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Hey friends, how are ya? Happy October/almost November! It’s been ages since I actually wrote a thing on this site that wasn’t a podcast episode or something, so I thought I’d say hello, say how things are going, and check in with y’all.

State of the Site

So I just moved the site from its old host on Webfaction back to Dreamhost. Since the podcast is self-hosted, it was a bit much for Dreamhost’s shared serves, so I got the site put on a Virtual Private Server and I am LOVING it. It’s expensive (actually less so than Webfaction really) but now the site loads in 2-3 seconds.

The migration did break a few things, most notably the Wiki, but we’re THIS close to getting it all working again. Dreamhost has some “extra security” that is breaking my ability to update the Wiki, but we’re close to getting it fixed, thank goodness.

So now that the site is moving more quickly, and I paid a lot for hosting, I’ll be trying to update it more often. With what, I’ve no idea, but hopefully it’ll be fun.

State of The Content

Content has lessened a bit due to me getting a full-time job, but it still continues mostly unabated. There are times wherein I need a break, but for the most part I’ve been moving ahead as best I can with content. We’re still doing the podcast and the weekly LAN party. The game of the week is still happening, and I’m still able to stream two hours every weekday morning, which is better than no hours, right? ;)

Overall I feel like I have a good balance of working and content creating at the moment, and I hope that, as I get more comfortable with this new job, I’ll be able to continually put out a steady stream of content for the foreseeable future.

State of Me

I am so tired you guys. Since this pandemic began, sleep has been a thing that has eluded me. Some nights I do okay, but many I’m restless, and I wake up feeling just rotten. I’m sure I’d be sleeping worse if I hadn’t found steady employment, so there is that, but still, I cannot wait for things to begin to return to even something close to “normal” in the world.

Gaming-wise, things are GREAT. I have a nemesis now on the daily challenge leaderboards in Bloody Rally Show, and it’s made me play the game more than ever before. While I’m not the best driver in the game, I’m definitely improving because of my drive to beat the time of my nemesis. It’s SO FUN. I’m also spending a good amount of time with Star Fleet II. Thank god the game has a demo mode, as I just start a new mission and futz around in it ALL THE TIME without it affecting my ongoing career. God I love this damned game.

In conclusion

So, sadly, the full-time streamer thing didn’t work out, and that’s okay. It wasn’t meant to be right now for a multitude of reasons, and while it does sadden me, I really can’t complain. I want to thank all of you for all the support you gave me over the last year of trying to do this full-time.

Overall, things are pretty damned good considering the state of the world right now. My wife and I are both employed, our families are doing well, and we’re overall pretty happy. Hopefully you’re all doing well, staying safe and as unaffected by this global crisis as one can be right now. Thanks for reading this meandering thing, I just wanted to say hi and let y’all know how things are going. Until next time, whether it’s on Twitch or YouTube or Discord or wherever, be safe, be well, and game on. ;)

Author: Brian Rubin

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