A Little bit of This… – Weekly Gaming Check In for 10/14/19

A Surprising Entry This Week

Daily Gaming Thoughts

Hey friends, happy Monday, and welcome to another weekly gaming checking. This last week had some surprising variety for me. While much of my time was spent with the usual Strike Fighters 2 — which I kinda can’t get enough of — I was also surprised to find myself playing some Sacred 2 Gold as well.

It got me thinking, a lot of times I feel bad for getting a certain game and then not playing it, or playing it a little and then wanting something else. And then something like this Sacred 2 nonsense happens, where something random makes me wanna load up a game I own but have barely touched. I bounce around like a pinball a lot, and I honestly feel bad about it sometimes. Why is this?

I truly am excited for every game I own. Really. When I first get it, I just wanna play it…but there’s something about that newness that I feel like I’m addicted to. Something about that rush of a new experience, that once it begins to set in…I seek out that new sensation again. This isn’t great, because I have so, so, so many wonderful games that deserve my time, and I’ve found many games worth diving deeper into, but those seem fewer and far between.

So I’m gonna stop feeling bad about it. This is who I am. I dabble. Sometimes I settle in and play something for a long time — the latest examples being Strike Fighters 2 or Assassin’s Creed: Origins — but a lot of times I play a little bit of one thing and a little bit of another.

And that’s fine. What matters is that I’m having fun, and my god, am I having fun. It’s such a second golden age of gaming right now that I’m glad I’ll have all these games to take me through the next slump, because you know it’ll happen eventually. Overall, I’m just gonna play what I enjoy, and if that involves bouncing from one game to the next, stopping to smell some roses along the way, then that is great. I won’t feel guilty about it anymore.

What I’ve Been Playing

  • Strike Fighters 2 – I finally got shot down in what was my longest campaign to date, NATO vs. Russia in 1978 Germany. My A-10 and I flew a good amount of missions, but eventually I took a SAM to the face. Ah well, next time I might start a North Atlantic campaign in an F-14 to mix things up.
  • Sacred 2 Gold – I found this great video on Facebook comparing the relative-sized maps of various games, and it mentioned Sacred 2. That reminded me of how many people have told me how great the game is. I’ve owned it for years, but never really dove in, so I did just that yesterday, and promptly lost about three hours of my life. This game is WEIRD, but it’s kinda great.
  • Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville – Didn’t get a ton of time with this one this week, but still got a few matches in. Really enjoying the support roles, like Sunflower and Engineer, for some reason.

What I’m Planning on Playing

  • Strike Fighters 2 – Of course, gotta keep those planes flying, especially since the game respects my time so much.
  • Sacred 2 – This is a quirky one that I wanna get used to. It seems to have SO MUCH to do, and great writing.

Not sure what else I’ll play in the coming week, but it’s gonna be a fun week regardless. Thanks for reading y’all, and tell me about what you’re playing.

Author: Brian Rubin

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