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Time for a Refresh…

Hey friends, how’ve you been? It’s been great seeing y’all on Discord and in the stream chat, and I first want to thank you all for your continued support. At almost ten years old, I still can barely believe this thing is still going, and I wanna thank you all, especially my beloved Patrons, for making all this possible. :)

Now with that said, one thing that’s been consistent with this journey is change. When I started Space Game Junkie, I was unemployed and intended it to be a fully textual enterprise. Then I got a job, and that changed to a video-based endeavor. The last two years have been especially windy, with jobs lost and gained, as well as full-time streaming attempted and, let’s be honest, failed.

When I was working full time in an office, some years back, I only had time to record on the weekends, so the “Game of the Week” concept was born. Usually on Sundays, while Nicole was out teaching violin lessons, I would spend time recording video of recently-released games as way of review. This worked best for me at the time, and allowed me to find time to make content while still balancing work and life effectively.

Well things have changed a LOT since then. I work full time, but from home using flexible hours. I stream every morning from 6-8 AM. That, along with recording on the weekends, is a LOT, and over the last year I can feel it really twinging my work/life balance in a negative way, so I’ve decided to try a change which, I hope, will be for the better for everyone.

Starting next week, 7/5/21, there will be no more Game of the Week. Instead, space game coverage will now be intermixed with the daily streams. Mondays will still be for Star Fleet II, Fridays still for Yakuza, but Tuesday through Thursday will remain “wildcards” as I like to call them. For the next couple of weeks, it’ll be space games pretty much every day as I get caught up on games I need to give proper coverage to, like Eternal Starlight and Rome 2077: Space Wars.

Once I’m caught up on released games that need reviews, we’ll do one space game a week, usually an upcoming, early access title that I need to give coverage, but also classic space games I’ve not yet streamed. This allows me to maintain the focus on space games that I want while also maintaining the variety I need to not go crazy.

The upshot to all this is that I’ll have my weekends back, and I’ll have, I feel, a much better work/life balance going forward, which will help with my energy, enthusiasm and consistency in the long run. I hope this all makes sense and sounds sensible to y’all, but I’m definitely open to constructive critiques if you have them. Please feel free to ping me if you have questions or concerns.

Thanks again for being with me through this journey. Space Game Junkie has brought me such joy, and if I’m able to adapt my content output to maintain my level of consistency and enthusiasm, I feel it’ll be better for everyone. See y’all…out there…;)

Author: Brian Rubin

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