Miscellany: Changes to the Streaming Schedule

Time for a Change…

Hello my friends, long time no post! I’m writing this because, honestly, I feel like my streaming schedule has gotten, for me, a little stale. I love space game Mondays and flight sim Fridays, but the other three days? I find myself getting less and less interested in doing random games, and there are some other games I’ve been thinking of streaming, so I had a thought on a new schedule I want to try.

Now, this schedule is secondary to new space games. If a new 1.0 space game drops, it’ll be played on that day or the following day (depending on the time of day it drops), regardless of the day of the week. That way, we always have a primary focus on space games, which is what brought us here in the first place. So what I’m thinking is this:

  • Mondays – Space game Mondays. This will either be for an early-access space game or a new 1.0 space game if one comes out. Mondays will always be for space games. Once I run out of new games, I’ll likely switch to a classic game to play every Monday until I finish it, but honestly, that’s a ways off.
  • Tuesdays – Taxinaut Tuesdays. Friends, I wanna play more TaxinautE, and I also wanna show it off to more people, so I’m thinking if I spend Tuesdays flying around the massive universe of the game, it’ll be great for everyone, but primarily me. ;) This, again would be superseded if a new space game comes out.
  • Wednesdays – Wildcard Wednesdays. This will be a big change. I have a lot of new indie games to play, so many that I’m gonna change things up. Now, each game gets a limited amount of time to grab me, like ten to fifteen minutes. After that, if I wanna keep playing it, I will. If not, I’ll move on to the next one on my list. This will allow me to go through more indie games on my list and hopefully give games more coverage, finally. This, again would be superseded if a new space game comes out.
  • Thursdays – Truck Simulator Thursdays. I’ve been having a hankering to return to Euro Truck Simulator 2E, and I feel having time set aside to dive back in would be perfect for me. It’s also a relaxing game, and a very fun game to stream as well. This, again would be superseded if a new space game comes out.
  • Fridays – Flight Sim Fridays. The only change for Fridays is that now, if a new space game comes out, I’ll play that instead of our current flight sim.

This new schedule adds a little bit more structure to my schedule, which I feel I need right now, while also giving me more flexibility to cover the space games that are my raison d’etre, as it were. I’m going to start this new schedule this week (6/24/24) and see how it sits for a while. If you have any questions on this new schedule, please feel free to comment here or hit me up at the usual places.

Thanks for spending time hanging out with me on my streams. They add so much joy to my day, and you, my friends, are a big part of that.

Author: Brian Rubin

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