Rethinking the News…

So folks, I have to be honest…trying to do these news digest posts is becoming a bit overwhelming. When I first began doing them I had more time and…well, there was less news to talk about. Now it’s this AWESOME BARRAGE of news about games big and small, and I’m having trouble keeping up. Personally, […]

No Wipe for Elite: Dangerous – Guess What I’ll be Playing All Weekend? ;)

I'll Be Seeing a Lot of This...

Earlier this week (thanks Massively), it was confirmed that there WON’T be a wipe leading up to Elite: Dangerous’ launch next Tuesday. I’d shelved the game temporarily thinking there might be a wipe, but now that there won’t be? It’ll likely be all I play for a spell. ;) Join us next Tuesday night as […]

OMG Klingon Academy Works Again!!!!!!!

Slice and Dice!

One of my favorite capital ship space sims of all time — in fact it’s in very close running with the Rules of Engagement games — is Star Trek: Klingon Academy. It’s a lovingly detailed cap ship sim that, thanks to its multiple stations and verbal order system, gives you meticulous control over nearly every aspect of […]