Down to Earth: Roguelikes

Rogue, the Game That Started it All...

There are times in life wherein I just don’t have as much time to put into gaming as I’d like, so I try to fit it in when I can. You might’ve noticed that this site’s been a bit…light on content lately, and all I can do is get in gaming in the moments where I […]

Real Life Galactic: The Space Shuttle Endeavour


Upon first entering the Samuel Oschin Pavilion at the California Science Center, the above is what you see. Endeavour, in all of her glory. I’m sitting here, two days later in an attempt to write about the experience I had this past weekend…and I just keep looking at the pictures. I’ll be honest, I’ve seen other […]

Multiplayer X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter: Success, and So Much Fun!

Pew Pew!

This past Friday night, I (Veloxi) got together with Jim (aszurom), Nate (Irridium884) and Eric (EMB) to have a bout of multiplayer X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter using GameRanger. I have to admit, I had a freaking blast. We started with a simple free for all and then went into the more detailed missions and battles, […]

X-Wing Alliance Fightin’ and Racin’: Tonight!!

Imagine More of This!

Hey guys, this afternoon a handful of folks and I will be playing X-Wing Alliance (and who knows, maybe X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter too!) on Gameranger this afternoon/evening (depending on where you are) and will also be broadcasting the festivities on Twitch, which you can watch below! We have four players, but XWA supports eight, so if you’d like […]