Some Star Wars Gaming for Y’all!

Not Bad with a Gamepad.

With the release of X-Wing and TIE Fighter on GOG yesterday, it put me in (even more of) a mood to play some X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, so last night friends-of-the-site Nate and Hunter climbed into their cockpits and we had some fun flying and dying over on Twitch. :) We’re still pleased as to […]

I Was On the Game Wisdom Perceptive Podcast!

Hey guys! For the first time, I was invited onto another podcast to talk about space game stuff! Josh over at Game Wisdom invited me onto his Perceptive Podcast to talk about Star Citizen, it’s meteoric crowdfunding and much more. Head on over and check it out, and big thanks to Josh for having me […]

Down to Earth – Runers, Nuclear Throne, Alpha Protocol and Endless Legend

Makin' Videos! Makin' Copies...

Hey folks, a little off-topic fun here if y’all don’t mind. ;) Yesterday, I took a little break from recording/streaming video on space games and covered some wonderful non-spacey games for my new YouTube channel for Neural Gameshake. :) I therefore did videos covering some awesome games, such as Runers, Nuclear Throne, Alpha Protocol and […]

Quick Spacey Game Crowdfunding Roundup

Slicey Dicey!

Hey kids, there are quite a few space games in crowdfunding mode that I’ve been made aware of, so I wanted to give a quick rundown of ‘em all. I’ve mentioned some of these before, but if I missed one, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Here goes! Ascent: The Space Game – Y’all […]

Happy Fifteenth Birthday, Freespace 2!

This Won't Be Good...

Freespace 2 — still the finest game of its type — turns fifteen today. Think about that for a second. The greatest game in this particular genre is nearing its its mid-teens, and yet still, nothing has come even anywhere near close to surpassing it. That’s one hell of a legacy right there, my friends. Tonight […]