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Still fixing stuff!

Always Trying to Make The Site Better…

Hey kids, it seems that the recent WordPress update totally borked my previous theme, as it had all its widgets reset and I can’t seem to make ‘em work. It also hasn’t been updated in a while either, which probably doesn’t help. I’m therefore moving back to this theme for a spell until I find a permanent replacement. If y’all know of an awesome theme to recommend, please don’t hesitate to throw it at me. Thanks for visiting! :)


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Some New Spacey Games I Found to Share With Y’all!

Sooooo Pretty!

Sooooo Pretty!

Hey kids, in the past couple of weeks I’ve stumbled upon a bunch of new space games. Usually I’d put these in the news digests, but since I’ve not had time to do one in a while (soo busy!) I figured I’d do a separate post for ‘em all. These are also all in the game list now as well. Now here we go, in no particular order!

  • Void Expanse – This is a top-down open RPG thingamajig that’s been a good time in the couple of hours I’ve played it.
  • Asteroid Prospector – This looks like a top-down mining game that’s being made as part of an apps challenge by NASA.
  • Shallow Space – This is a really awesome looking spacey RTS that I can’t wait to learn more about.
  • Contested Space – An open-ended space combat “role making game” that looks pretty cool, and it’s Kickstarter starts on Monday.
  • Interplanetary – This is a multi-player only space artillery game where planets fling weapons at each other in a kinda Scorched Earth on steroids in space kinda thing, it seems.
  • Xeno Galaxies – This is an action RPG with a mix of first person shooter and space combat elements that looks pretty damned impressive, if not a bit overwhelming. ;)
  • Centration – This appears to be a space station game with a survival bent.
  • Fleet – A space combat fleet management thing that looks goooooorgeous.
  • Ceres – This looks like a pretty good space combat game thingy in which their dev describes it as “Homeworld, Paradroid and Elite had an odd sexual encounter”. ;)

Stay tuned for more info on these as I’m in the midst of contacting these folks and either bringing them on a future episode of the podcast or a written Q&A, whichever they prefer. If you know of any space games I’ve not yet found, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Thanks to everyone who clued me into these! :)


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Down to Earth: What Non-Spacey Games Are We Playing?

We're Gamers of All Stripes. :)

We’re Gamers of All Stripes. :)

Hey folks, I don’t know if y’all have noticed, but every now and then this site goes kinda quiet for a spell because I lose myself in a non-spacey game for a spell. Whether it’s Driver: San Francisco or Skyrim, it’s sometimes not easy being an gamer who likes almost all types of games and who also has ADHD. ;) I then thought that hey, we all love space games, but we’re gamers above all else, so there’s surely to be cross pollination with other types of games we’re all playing. Therefore I thought I’d start a new thingy in which every now and again we’ll all check in with what non-space games we’re enamored with at the moment. That’s why I’m calling it “Down to Earth” since it’s not in space. ;) Now, with all that said, what are y’all playing lately?

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FYI: No Podcast Tonight and Upcoming Schedule (Updated)

OMG so tired...

I Feel Like This Puppy, Only Not as Cute…

Hey folks, just chiming in because I’m not feeling awesome, so we’re skipping the podcast because I’m too low energy to really make it fun for anyone. I think just the lack of/lousy sleep over the last few weeks is really catching up with me. :/ I’m just so…bleh…tired, unmotivated, it’s not usual for me and I don’t like it, so I wanna try to do whatever it takes to recover. With that said, we have some fun stuff coming up that I wanted to share with ya. I’m still trying to get guests for upcoming weeks, so this may change, but as it is right now, here’s what’s coming up:

  • April 1st – John Hemry, Author of the Lost Fleet book series (which has awesome space combat)
  • April 8th – Slower than Light with creator John Brewer (Here’s the Kickstarter)
  • April 15th – Space Salvager with creator Sam Albon (fun game!)
  • April 29th – A look at the Freespace Open Project with its project lead Fabian “The E” Woltermann and discussing Freespace 2′s 15th anniversary a little bit (which won’t be our only look at the game this year)
  • May 6th – A look at O.R.B. (which was requested by Jim, as it just came out on SteamA
  • May 13th – Off Topic: Marketing & SEO for Game Websites (Jim’s idea, to help devs out, because y’all got some stanky websites)

Remember, if you have a topic idea you’d like us to cover, please send it to because we’re totally open to ideas. :) Thanks folks, and have an awesome day.


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Crayon Contest Winners Announced!!!

Exceptional Art Inbound!

Exceptional Art Inbound!

Hey kids, I know I’m a little behind on this but damn did last week’s trip kick my ASSSS. Regardless, the crayon contest is now over, and we have the winners, so check out their art after the cut!

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