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SGJ Podcast #259 – Star Traders: Frontiers

Welcome to this week’s show, folks! This week, Jim, Spaz and I sit down with Andrew and Corey Trese of Trese Brothers Games to talk about their latest, and probably largest, game to date: Star Traders: Frontiers! We talk a LOT about their amazing early access period, the game’s mechanics, the lore than propagates over… Read More »

Video is So Important – Daily Dispatch for 9/6/18

Opening/Random Thoughts So this is the first digest I’ve done using this new format without any video to go with it. A video is the centerpiece of this whole thing. It kind of ties the room together, like the rug in The Big Lebowski. Not having one is just SO WEIRD you guys. I use… Read More »

TGIFF – Daily Dispatch for 8/31/18

Opening/Random Thoughts Oh my god, it is finally Friday! FINALLY! I’ve been looking forward to this long weekend all week. And what a weird week it’s been. So weird that the podcast is late (I’ll be working on that after I’m done with this). I’m really, really looking forward to the weekend for some sleep,… Read More »

Exciting Times – Daily Dispatch for 8/29/18

Opening/Random Thoughts OMG I’m so tired you guys. SO TIRED. I for some reason slept like ass last night, so I’m working from home again, which is weird when one is so used to working in an office. As much as I love being home, with all my stuff, my cats and so on, it… Read More »

Tunnel Vision – Daily Dispatch for 8/28/18

Opening/Random Thoughts I am so tired you guys. SO TIRED. Today I got up early to talk to the Landinar: Into the Void folks: And it went great, but I am SO TIRED. Thankfully I’m working from home today, which mitigates things a bit, but still. My tiredness can’t hold back the excitement that the… Read More »