SGJ Podcast #256 – Scott Brown: The Man Behind Jumpgate

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Such a Wonderful Game

Welcome to this week’s episode of the Podcast, my friends! This week, Jim, Hunter, Spaz and I sit down with Scott Brown, formerly of Netdevil and Cloud Imperium, now at Wyrmbite, to talk primarily about one of my favorite games, good ol’ Jumpgate. We get a LOT of great design talk, a ton of behind-the-scenes stuff and a lot of great dev discussions as well. It was a really fun show that covered a varied range of topics, including the game he’s currently working on, Nightmarchers!

Next week on the show…we’re actually not sure yet. We’ll come up with something fun though! As always, if you have a question or comment, please drop it below, email us at or hit us up on the forums.

PS. I’ve decided not to upload the audio from the podcast covering No Man’s Sky from a couple of weeks ago because, let’s be honest, it wasn’t much of a podcast and more of us just goofing around, so an audio file would just be confusing and weird. I hope that’s okay.

Show Notes

Games Mentioned

  • Jumpgate
  • Jumpgate Evolution
  • Auto Assault
  • Nightmarchers
  • Warbirds
  • Vendetta Online
  • Star Citizen
  • Wing Commander
  • Autoduel
  • WWII Online
  • Elite: Dangerous
  • Elite
  • Wing Commander: Privateer
  • EVE Online
  • Everquest
  • Wasteland
  • Fallout
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic
  • Asheron’s Call
  • World of Warcraft
Author: Brian Rubin

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