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Hailing Frequencies Open – 5/18/17 – Your Titan is Ready, Pilot!

Hey friends, welcome to Thursday! Sorry I missed a post yesterday but the day TOTALLY got away from me. I also didn’t post yesterday’s Dawn of Andromeda video, so I posted two today! You can see them here in the playlist (the new entries are #3 and #4)! So far I’m really enjoying the game.… Read More »

Let’s Play Hardwar – Entry 1 – A 30 Minute Tour

This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series: Hardwar Review

Welcome to Hardwar my friends! Now before you say, “Wait, Brian, this isn’t a space game!” WELL IT’S CLOSE ENOUGH DAMN YOUR EYES. ;) Seriously though, this has all the elements of other space games like Elite and Privateer, plus it’s just sci-fi ENOUGH that I’m including it. Plus it’s awesome. Anyway, this fantastic 1998 game… Read More »

Let’s Play Torn Stars: Unstable Space – Entry 1 – What The Everloving Hell?

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series: Torn Stars Unstable Space Review

Welcome, my friends, to Torn Stars: Unstable Space! This is a total conversion mod for Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos that makes it a true Elite clone. By that I mean it removes any and all story elements or scripted events and makes the game a pure sandbox. While that might work well for… Read More »

SGJ Podcast #99 – Space Warfare: Infinite – Infinite Funness

Hey folks, this week Jim, Hunter and I talk to Mike Dolan about his upcoming space combat sim, Space Warfare: Infinite! This game, even in its early stages, is a lot of fun, and is also very ambitious. It has planned dynamic campaigns, and open-universe mode similar to Elite or Privateer, and a custom mission… Read More »