Get the Original Elite for Free as Part of its 30th Birthday Celebration

Dat Art...
Dat Art…

Say you want to play Elite: Dangerous, but don’t want to shell out the credits to get into the beta right now. Well, you’re in luck! As the original game is turning 30, the folks at Frontier are just giving it away directly from their shop! Head on down and enjoy the original game in all its vector graphical glory now! Thanks for the tip Reddit!

Author: Brian Rubin

6 thoughts on “Get the Original Elite for Free as Part of its 30th Birthday Celebration

  1. Snagged! Ok, now you know what the next let’s play should be… :)

    Any idea what it runs on? I grabbed it, it’s a zip. I haven’t opened it yet.

  2. The site says it runs in Windows using an emulator. Any idea of how well does it hold? I have never played the original. I enjoy playing Oolite, but the original Elite might be too outdated for me.

  3. This is gong to be interesting, at least to get some perspective in how far the genre has gone.

  4. I’ve played it a bit now. It is indeed the original Acorn version; that’s the version I originally played back in the day.

    I need to read the manual a bit, though; it’s one of those games where you have to know the keybindings, because the game doesn’t tell you. They were written in the manual, with the presumption that you’d have the manual sitting next to you on the desk until you learned what you needed to know.

    Once I do a little prep work, though, I’m looking forward to regressing 30 years for a few hours.

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