SGJ Podcast #99 – Space Warfare: Infinite – Infinite Funness

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3 Responses

  1. tsubasanut says:

    That was great show, just chatting about non-space stuff is nice once in a while. Space Warfare: Infinite looks terrific. if all goes well – we may have the thing, that can reach Freespace series level. Depends on campaign depth, since this is the toughest target to hit.

    Jim, my anime addiction has started exactly the same way yours did. Funny thing – I was a child of Soviet Union culture . And although our child films/animation industry was geared way differently, that American (no series at all, no superheroes,little sci-fi, lots of animalistics and global friendship stuff) – we also had this mild-violence/no-one-dies taboo. And lack of general epic-ness : why would children/teens wanted it, huh? And Robotech blew me away. Pretty faithfull to original Macross, though for cutting out Minmay shower scene Harmony Gold sure deserve some flak (yeah, i know about american restrictions, but still…)

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