Audio Q&A: John Harper, Author of “And Here the Wheel”, an Official Elite: Dangerous Novel


When the Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter was running, one of the reward tiers was a “Writer’s Pack” in which authors would get to contribute an original piece of fiction in the Elite: Dangerous universe. It was through this I found out about “And Here the Wheel“, an original novel by John Harper set in the game’s universe. I contacted John a while back to do a written Q&A, but as I stiiiiiink at writing questions for those things, I eventually offered to do an audio Q&A instead, since those are more fun and dynamic. Him being in Wellington, New Zealand and me in Los Angeles made the timing it a bit tricky, but we finally worked it out. I therefore invite to listen to my first interview with an author ever, John Harper, author of “And Here the Wheel” in which we talk about nearly all things Elite as well as the book itself. :)

John also asked if I could promote his publisher’s IndieGoGo campaign, and since the sound like awesome folks, I figured I’d do so. ;) Thanks for listening!

PS. I think it’s funny how my first interview with a composer, Artem Bank, was in text and my first interview with an author is in audio. ;) Just a funny thought, really…

Author: Brian Rubin

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