Naev Preview – Escaping Gaming Velocity

Take That Dastardly Scum...
Take That Dastardly Scum…

Free Escape Velocity-clone Naev has had its first update in over two years, since it’s been Greenlit on Steam. I therefore decided to dive in and play the game a bit to show y’all how much fun it can be. :) If you’ve never played EV, it’s a top-down open-universe game in the Elite style of opennness, with lots of missions to accomplish, commodities to trade and ships to buy and upgrade. Naev brings the EV gameplay to the modern era with slightly nicer graphics and some great usability enhancements. If you have any interest in this type of gameplay, you have no reason not to get this.

Remember, since I’ve a strike on my YouTube account, I can only upload minutes in 15 minute incriments, so if you want to see the whole thing uncut, head to Twitch. Thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

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