Spacey Game News 6/15-26/13: The Oops-I-Did-It-Again Edition

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4 Responses

  1. Tycow says:

    I do like your news round ups Brian… all the news about my favourite type of game in one place. :D

  2. zeraan says:

    Hey, just discovered this from another site. ASU (American Southern University) is trying to raise funds to buy out Atari property such as Master of Orion. More info here:

    What’s shocking is that they’re auctioning off Master of Orion series with a minimum of 100k! This is the lowest minimum in the group of brands being auctioning off! – Scroll down to see list of brands being auctioned off, their dates, and the minimum bid.

    Golly, I wish I was a rich man, I’d buy the MoO franchise and open-source all three games! Then people can’t complain, because three unique 4X games now can be modded…

    Oh, indiegogo for ASU’s attempt to get MoO franchise is here:

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