Spacey Game News 6/15-26/13: The Oops-I-Did-It-Again Edition

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So Much Freaking News!

Hellooooo my friends, how are you? Let me tell you, on my end? Life has been craaaaaaaaaay to the freaking zeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Seriously, I’ve not been this busy with work and life in a long damned time, but things are stabilizing again, and I’ve been saving up all the news I’ve been finding JUST so I could vomit it all out to y’all in a huge-ass post. I’m a little loopy today, so prepare for some weirdness. ;) Enjoy! ;)

Then, in related news, there’s a guest blog post on the Star Trek Online blog looking at diversity in Star Trek, as well as a soundtrack album of music from various Star Trek video games. No kidding! Finally, as part of Atari’s bankruptcy sale, they’re selling the IPs for Master of Orion and Star Control for $100,000 each, along with some others. Wowie.

That’s it folks! Thanks for your patience and your patronage and I’ll strive to make future updates more regular. :) Have an awesome day!

Author: Brian Rubin

4 thoughts on “Spacey Game News 6/15-26/13: The Oops-I-Did-It-Again Edition

  1. I do like your news round ups Brian… all the news about my favourite type of game in one place. :D

  2. Hey, just discovered this from another site. ASU (American Southern University) is trying to raise funds to buy out Atari property such as Master of Orion. More info here:

    What’s shocking is that they’re auctioning off Master of Orion series with a minimum of 100k! This is the lowest minimum in the group of brands being auctioning off! – Scroll down to see list of brands being auctioned off, their dates, and the minimum bid.

    Golly, I wish I was a rich man, I’d buy the MoO franchise and open-source all three games! Then people can’t complain, because three unique 4X games now can be modded…

    Oh, indiegogo for ASU’s attempt to get MoO franchise is here:

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