SGJ Podcast #16: Pirates, Pauls and Squirrels Oh My!


Welllllllcome to episode #16 of the Space Game Junkie podcast. This week, Jim and I have no guest and the baaaaarest thread of a topic. This results in what has to be the most random, off-topic podcast we’ve done yet. I mean what other space game podcast (is there one?) talks about space pirates, Marvel Heroes, Squirrel Girl, being renamed Paul and so on? I blame the fatigue my own self. ;)

We would love it if y’all would chime in about your stories of being a pirate in space games, because honestly that career path doesn’t much fit us, you know? :) We look forward to your stories, as well as your comments, below, and invite you to subscribe to us if you’ve not already. Thanks for listening, and enjoy! :)

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Author: Brian Rubin

8 thoughts on “SGJ Podcast #16: Pirates, Pauls and Squirrels Oh My!

  1. Independence War 2 – you kinda, sorta, DO take on the role of savior ;)

    Freelancer – you can be a pirate, get missions from pirate bases, it opens alternative trade routes (usually, much more lucrative than the legal ones). And since Freelancer was reather heavy-handedly adjusting your reputation between campaign missions, it should not break the campaign chain.

    Games about pirates – Skyjacker puts you into boots of a human adopted by alien space pirates. Then of course there’s the Starfleet Command 2: Orion Pirates. As far as I remember, it can be zipped and doesn’t require poking in the registry (Klingon Academy though… Anyone knows how to run that on Win7?).

    And I usually don’t like to play as a pirate (sort of the nice guy character flaw), but in X-Albion I sometimes pick on one of the races. I mean there you are, flying around, doing missions, and you spot undershielded freighter carrying dozens of expensive destroyer-grade guns. It’s just hard to let it go, man ;)
    XTC mod has a campaign (one of three or four) specifically for pirates.

    1. Hahahah, welcome to the comments Gorkomatic, and thanks for that rundown.

  2. Gotta say I had a real crappy day at work but this podcast really made me feel better. Thanks Pauls.. I mean Guys.

  3. thank you making the podcast, great stuff, i backed void destroyer just so i could ask him to support linux and mac but he said if there was support it would be way in the future which made me pretty sad, the kerbal space pirate video was awesome, on the next podcast can you talk about the planetary annihilation (alpha release)? does it count as a space game? it is more rts but you fight between planets, or do you think the new $5 dlc for sins of solar empire is any good?

    1. I’ve not gotten the new Sins DLC yet, but it looks promising, and I’m glad you’re liking the podcast. We already have the next podcast lined up, but I’ll see if we can mention PA somewhere eventually. Not REALLY a spacey game, but it’s one I am excited about.

  4. Pauls! I know it’s been a while since this episode went out, but (thanks to Metafilter) I just found out how amazingly awful the game whose box art graces it was.

    That particular “Space Pirates” was originally a light-gun arcade game, by the people who made Mad Dog McCree, and there is footage (with commentary) from the original arcade version at — the beginning of the video shows the game’s intro, but discussion of Space Pirates proper starts just after 11 minutes in.

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