Monthly Archives: September 2012

Nexus 2 Kickstarter Launched!!!

Thanks for Fishbreath on Quarter to Three for the tip! As promised many months ago, there’s now a Kickstarter for Nexus 2: The Gods Awaken. YAY! Head on over there and show them your support and let’s see this awesome game become a reality! Also, don’t forget to read my Q&A with the devs for… Read More »

Off-Topic: Finding a Gaming Balance

So as much as I love space games — they’re my first true love in gaming — I also love all types of games, from strategy to role playing to driving to action adventure and nearly everything in between (except sports, haaaate sports unless it’s some violent future/fantasy sport like Blood Bowl). As much as… Read More »

Planets Under Attack Announced

I got a press release from the folks at Topwire yesterday announcing their new space strategy/conquest game thingy, Planets Under Attack. It looks something like Galcon to me, but with a lot more color and character. According to the press release, the game offers a single player campaign and five multiplayer modes, quick gameplay and intelligent… Read More »

Chris Roberts Answers User Questions

Over on the Roberts Space Industry site, they have a small Q&A with Chris Roberts — you know, the guy behind Wing Commander and all that ;) — wherein he has some great answers, my favorite regarding allowing users to create content for his new game, which is damned exciting. Check it out, and enjoy! :) Edit:… Read More »