Ring Runner Kickstater Launched, Alpha Demo Released

Ring Runner Screenshot
Pew Pew on Kickstarter!

A little while back we had a Q&A with the folks behind Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages, a fun looking spacey shooter/rpg MOBA thingy with fantasy archetypes that looked pretty cool. Well, they just hit the ground running today, with a Kickstarter campaign, a demo of the alpha, a new listing on Steam Greenlight and even a soundtrack sampler. This looks like a fun game, so I encourage you to check it all out. Enjoy!!!

Author: Brian Rubin

3 thoughts on “Ring Runner Kickstater Launched, Alpha Demo Released

  1. watched a video on their website. the way the ships moves and controls reminds me of SPAZ. but with more speed and action imo. looks like its shaping up to be a fine game. i’ve had this in my “Upcoming Games” bookmark folder for quite a while and need to make time to try out the demo.

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