Nexus: The Jupiter Incident on Sale at GOG!

Nexus: The Jupiter Incident Screenshot

Still Crazy Beautiful After All These Years.

Thanks to Giaddon over on Quarter to Three for this tip. AWESOME starship tactical sim Nexus: The Jupiter Incident is on sale today at GOG for only $3.99. That is a freaking STEAL for a game this beautiful, awesome, challenging and detailed. I suggest y’all pick it up ASAP and enjoy the hell it’ll throw at you, for it is marvelous. :) Have fun!

Edit:GOG also has a fun article talking about some mods for the game, including one that models Freespace 2! Can’t wait to try ’em!

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11 Responses

  1. If only the second mission wasn’t neigh impossible. >.>

  2. Captain Kal says:

    Even though I have the boxed version, I could not resist. :)

  3. Jan says:

    Hi, uhm is this version better than my steam version, cause its buggy like hell.

    • Brian RubinBrian Rubin says:

      I think the game in general is a bit buggy, haven’t tried the GOG version yet however.

      • Jan says:

        The steam version is very buggy, unless you do certain missions in the right order, it just crashes to desktop for me.. Which is a bit sad cause you can really do those missions in so many ways, yet..

  4. BobbyDylan says:

    I love this game. Just replayed it, but the Earth defnce mission, holding the wormhole was Frikken nigh impossible for me. I think it took me a whole Saturday Afternoon to beat.

    Brian, you hear anything about the Nexus 2 Kickstarter? It was supposed to happen in June, but disapeared into the eather.

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