Off-Topic: Finding a Gaming Balance

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So as much as I love space games — they’re my first true love in gaming — I also love all types of games, from strategy to role playing to driving to action adventure and nearly everything in between (except sports, haaaate sports unless it’s some violent future/fantasy sport like Blood Bowl). As much as I just love, love, love space games, I’ll play a wide variety of games. I do this because not only do I not want to burn out on space games, but because there are honestly so many dang great games out there. I figured then, why not talk about the other games we’re playing every so often to add some more color to the place? ;)

For me, since last week, it’s been Torchlight II, as much as I can fit in. I really like ARPGs (except for the Diablos, honestly, they never clicked with me) like Din’s CurseNoxFate and Torchlight, so it makes sense that I would love the sequel, AND I DO. I’m only six hours into it, but wow am I loving it. My Embermage is at level 19 on veteran mode and I am just having a BLAST. It’s really a well-crafted, visceral and satisfying ARPG that any fan of the genre needs to own.

The week before it came out I was just starting to play the first Borderlands game, since I now have a rig that will run it. Fun time! I’m playing as a Hunter type character focusing mostly on sniping skills. I love sniping in shooters. LOVE it. I eventually got so good at it in Unreal Tournament years ago that I was accused of being a cheater. Facing Worlds FTW! ;)

I’ve also been toying with A Valley Without Wind, which I didn’t like at first during the beta, but now am really enjoying since the folks at Arcen have made it much more focused with shopping lists, visible goals and so on. Even with those features, it still feels a bit overwhelming, so I’ve been taking it in small doses. I’m also sneaking in a game or two of Frozen Synapse.

So what non-spacey games have been taking up your time?

PS. If you’re wondering where my space gaming time has been going to, just stay tuned. I’m working on a review and preview at the moment, plus I have some Q&As in the pipeline. Don’t worry, the primary focus of this site will ALWAYS be on spacey gaming no matter what, I just thought it’ll be fun to bring the discussion of what non-space games we’re playing to the front page every so often. :) Have a great day y’all!

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12 thoughts on “Off-Topic: Finding a Gaming Balance

  1. Heck ya, Torchlight is awesome! There are not many games where I’ll play the first right up to when the sequel comes out. I even have my wife playing the 360 version (level 100 Destroyer).

    I’ve been enjoying Lost Odyssey lately. Never completed it back in 2008, so I’m tackling it now, slow and steady. Would definitely recommend for those looking for a modern JRPG, a’la old school Final Fantasy.

    I have the same interest level as you regarding sports games. Last one I enjoyed was Blades of Steel, probably because of the fights you could get into. And the theme song, gotta love the theme song. Still have it stuck in my head. :-)

    1. Wow, I had no idea there was a 360 version of Torchlight. Makes sense though. :)

  2. Borderlands 2 has been taking up most of my gaming time…

    Glad you’re liking the new system! I rocked Borderlands with the settings maxxed out with that rig, back when…

    1. Heh, it’s the invasion of the 2s, and apparently they’re all GOOD sequels! How often does THAT happen?!

  3. My brother just got me Torchlight 2, it’s fun.

    Funny thing is, I chose male embermage as my character, and pet cat with orange fur. Yup, great minds think alike :D (are you specializing in the ice skills? ;) )

    1. Embermages FTW! And I’ve been specializing in fire and storm skills, ice always bores me as a mage. Between Prismatic Bolt and Magma Spear, plus wonderful wands, I mostly do alright. :)

      1. The first ice spell is awesome, shoots 4 or 5 bolts, and it bounces off after hitting something. Pretty decent for trash clearing! I also have the short range lightning spell (can’t remember the name) that I use against bigger guys.

  4. Definitively agree with all written in the article, space games are my fav but I like every other genre as well, sports not much too.
    And right now there doesn’t seem to be no time to play any of these grand titles, Borderlands 2, Torchlight 2 and a soon-to-be-awesome HAWKEN. shame shame :(

    1. Oh lord Hawken, I can’t wait for that. If there’s a subgenre I love almost as much as space games, it’s mecha games.

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