Blackspace Kickstarter Launched!

Blackspace Screenshot
Rockin’ Pew Pew!

So I have an admission to make. This Kickstarter launched days ago, and I was totally taken by the game — enough to back it — but I wasn’t sure on whether to cover it here. I mean the rules clearly state a game has to focus on a spaceship of some kind. Did the lander in this game count?

Then I thought, of course it counts, it’s a natural extension of Lunar Lander. With guns and destruction and base building, of course. ;) I mean, if I cover Lunar Flight, I should cover this too, right? ;) Therefore, I invite you to click the link above to check out the Blackspace Kickstarter, as well as visit the official site as well. If you like what you see, kick ’em a few bucks. This looks like it’ll be a fun game, and I’ll bring you more info as I get it.

Author: Brian Rubin

4 thoughts on “Blackspace Kickstarter Launched!

    1. Hey sh0v0r, welcome! And I totally am, I just hope it survives its Kickstarter campaign not succeeding. :/

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