New Hardware Rave: Freespace 2 Looks F%#*ing AMAZING!

Freespace 2 Open Source Project
I So Heart These Guys

So a couple of nights ago, I went through the familiar steps of manually adding the Freespace Source Code Project files to my GOG copy of Freespace 2. This time, however, I added all the extra high-resolution stuff from the MediaVPs (i.e. all the optional stuff) because I figured my new rig could run it (my last one totally choked when I added all the optional MediaVPs). Once it was all said and done, I ran the launcher and set up everything as ordered (as well as adding Spidey’s lighting settings) and ran the game at maximum resolution with everything set as high as possible for my first time ever. What resulted was nothing short of breathtaking.

Now I’ve played Freespace 2 several times, both the vanilla and SCP versions, but I’ve never been able to crank everything up to full until now. I was just literally BLOWN AWAY by how good everything looked, especially for a 13 year old game. Ship models looked fantastic, the backgrounds looked even more vivid, and the explosions…oh god the explosions…

When a ship exploded, the fire looked like LIQUID bubbling in space, and each piece of debris had its own bit of fire that went along with it. It made for some AMAZING spectacles of destruction. The shockwaves (using the 3D shockwaves option in the launcher) looked absolutely ASTOUNDING. I’ve been playing this game for years, and I have never seen it look this good. It could easily give modern games a run for their money.

But don’t just take my word for it, check out the screenshots below. If you’ve not installed the SCP because of the time it takes (and it does take a little bit of time to download and copy everything over), then you’ve been completely missing out. And heck, if you’ve not played Freespace 2, hopefully this will help convince you of the amazing disservice you’re doing to yourself. ;) Thanks for reading my rave, and enjoy!

Author: Brian Rubin

16 thoughts on “New Hardware Rave: Freespace 2 Looks F%#*ing AMAZING!

  1. Brian, your absolutely right, the SCP is really some great piece of @&!%
    This project shows how well the game design has aged, in fact it has not, it is to date one of the best space fighting games in my opinion.
    And with the updated graphics it blows away everything else Ive yet seen in space.

    I still have one more wish: make the total conversion of X-wing vs. Tie-fighter, this game has already everything from the old days, just need to make new models and script the missions. From gameplay its almost identical.
    Which is even more impressing that this gameplay was already so great back in the 90ies…

    1. While there IS an update to TIE Fighter using the X-Wing Alliance engine, it’s a bit spotty, and also the only one I’ve seen. XvT would make a good candidate for an open source revision.

      1. Indeed. I still remember being closed in my room with the headphones roaring lasers and ion cannon zapping by try to destroy that bloody formation of Corellian Corvettes… Damn, wish I were 17 again…

  2. You can use Freespace Open Installer ( for an automated installation. I just DL everything and I am ready to go. (If only I had also the time to play the damn thing :) ). Beware though: My freespace 2 folder is nearly 12GBs.

    1. Apparently the installer doesn’t really work anymore, so they recommend the manual method.

      1. That’s strange!! I was able to updare some files! I will try again for a full installation.

        1. Huh, are you sure it installs the right versions of the files? IIRC, the installer installs files a couple of versions out of date.

          1. You might be right because I didn’t check the version number. (But IMHO you do not really need the latest version to enjoy the game.) If that’s the case I will add the new version manually. BTW have you checked Diaspora?

    1. It ran fine on my former six year old rig with all the basics installed. This time I installed all the optional stuff. ;)

  3. Hey Brian. This article got featured on I’ve been using that site to lead me to good new writers outside my usual circuit. Good to see that Brian Rubin is the new hotness.

  4. mediaVP 2014 has been out for a while… might be time for another play through. I’m going through the main campaign now, and it’s fantastic! Followed by FS1 Port, Derelict, and Blue Planet!

    1. Welcome to the comments Soleos, and yeah, they’re worth the massive download. Also you’re right, the main campaign is AWESOME. :)

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