Armada Online Kickstarter Relaunched as Armada Engine

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A New Kickstarter Campaign!

Hey y’all, remember a little while back when the folks behind Armada launched a Kickstarter campaign? Welp, for varied reasons, the gents behind Armada Online canceled that campaign and launched another, Armada Engine. I’ll let the gentlemen explain:

Roger and I made Armada for the Dreamcast to provide an experience people could share. With Armada Online, we have banded with people from all over the world to craft our dream game. Join us in bringing Armada Online to life as a shared experience, and as a development engine capable of supporting new experimental game types.

–Mark & Roger

Sounds intriguing, to say the last. I know I’m gonna back it in order to back independent game development and hopefully to get a new version of Armadaon the PC at the very least. ;) GAWD I loved Armada…

Author: Brian Rubin

4 thoughts on “Armada Online Kickstarter Relaunched as Armada Engine

  1. “The current version of the game is open to all. It requires a PC with a 3d card.”

    Do they live in 1995? Seriously weird statement.

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