New Chris Roberts Spacey Game in The Works?!

Cloud Imperium Concept Shot???
What IS This?!?!

Edit 1: Well, I set an alarm to wake up shortly before the countdown was supposed to end 3 minutes ago, but when it reached zero, it seemed to reset itself for 7 more hours, so I guess we’ll find out more at 7 AM PST. Good night everyone. ;)

Thanks to Munin over on Quarter to Three for this tip. Apparently he noticed this thread on the Freelancer fan site The Starport in which user Cannon states that the LinkedIn Profile of Chris Roberts — you know, the main guy behind Digital Anvil and its game, Freelancer — is now chairman of a company called Cloud Imperium. Further adding interest to the mix is a new site at which has a countdown timer with about two days left on it, and also where the author of the Starport thread got the concept image shown above.

So what does this all mean!? Are we looking at a true, spiritual successor to our beloved Freelancer called Cloud Imperium? OMG I HAVE TO KNOW NOW! I’ll keep you posted as soon as I find out anything, but for now, keep an eye out on that countdown timer. Have a great weekend!

Edit: I found some more info in the thread linked above from user Crazy…

I have some info on good authority:

The game will be a high end PC only game which will rly push current hardware to its limit.

It should make FL/Wing Commander fans very happy especially if you remember what FL should have looked like before it was bought by MS.

The full announcement will be in October but it will be still worth to have a look at on Sept 10th (when the countdown hits 0).


Author: Brian Rubin

6 thoughts on “New Chris Roberts Spacey Game in The Works?!

  1. Well, to clear things up a bit, Chris Roberts is the father of all Wing Commander series, not just Freelancer, so yeah, that’s really BIG news!

    1. UPD: And I just realized: that art scene fairly reminds one of a landpad at one of the planets in Wing Commander Privateer.
      Gosh, I’m taking five now to cry in the corner remembering my teen years, flying Centurion and getting my hands on that Steltek gun…

      1. Well yeah, I know that, but this seems much more Freelancer related. Though now that you mention it, it does look like one of the docking areas in Privateer. Which one was that?…

          1. Yessssss, it’s not exact of course, but this new image made me think of New Detroit immediately.

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