New Spacey 4X Kickstater – M.O.R.E.

More Screenshot
Will More Give Us that “One More Turn” Feel?

Yesterday I got an email from “Sledge Hammer” (HAMMMERRRR!) mentioning a new spacey 4X game he and his team are working on called More, that’s just launched a new Kickstarter campaign. The game will have turn-based battles, ship designs based on using parts rather than existing hulls, and will feature cool stuff like Dyson Spheres, according to the author. This sentence on the Kickstarter page I think sums it up best:

We will try to provide significant innovations in the gameplay without losing the spirit of Master Of Orion 2.

A lofty goal that many others have attempted, but hey, nothing wrong in trying to emulate greatness. :) Anyway, head on over to their Kickstarter page and check ’em out. Enjoy!


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