Nexus 2 Kickstarter Launched!!!

Thanks for Fishbreath on Quarter to Three for the tip! As promised many months ago, there’s now a Kickstarter for Nexus 2: The Gods Awaken. YAY! Head on over there and show them your support and let’s see this awesome game become a reality! Also, don’t forget to read my Q&A with the devs for […]

Off-Topic: Finding a Gaming Balance

So as much as I love space games — they’re my first true love in gaming — I also love all types of games, from strategy to role playing to driving to action adventure and nearly everything in between (except sports, haaaate sports unless it’s some violent future/fantasy sport like Blood Bowl). As much as […]

Planets Under Attack Announced

I got a press release from the folks at Topwire yesterday announcing their new space strategy/conquest game thingy, Planets Under Attack. It looks something like Galcon to me, but with a lot more color and character. According to the press release, the game offers a single player campaign and five multiplayer modes, quick gameplay and intelligent […]

Nexus: The Jupiter Incident on Sale at GOG!

Thanks to Giaddon over on Quarter to Three for this tip. AWESOME starship tactical sim Nexus: The Jupiter Incident is on sale today at GOG for only $3.99. That is a freaking STEAL for a game this beautiful, awesome, challenging and detailed. I suggest y’all pick it up ASAP and enjoy the hell it’ll throw at you, […]

Chris Roberts Answers User Questions

Over on the Roberts Space Industry site, they have a small Q&A with Chris Roberts — you know, the guy behind Wing Commander and all that ;) — wherein he has some great answers, my favorite regarding allowing users to create content for his new game, which is damned exciting. Check it out, and enjoy! :) Edit: […]

Rubicon Released!

So y’all might remember the Kickstarter campaign for Rubicon, a spacey shooter that would eventually be released for free? Well, that day has come, and the developer has released the final version of the game, for free, for everyone, and it works on PC, Mac and Linux. You can find download links on this Kickstarter post […]

Site-Stuff: Makin’ Some Changes

Hey y’all, just FYI, I’m making some tweaks to try and make the site faster, so there might be some changes here and there. No need to worry, I’m just working hard to make this site offers as great a user experience as possible. :) Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions if y’all have […]