Month: June 2012

Space Pirates and Zombies Coming to Mac!

Hey there y’all, happy Friday! I’m writing because Andrew Hume of MinMax Games — the folks that make Space Pirates and Zombies, of course — wrote me to say that early next week, they’ll be releasing the Mac version of their game on Steam! Yay! Since it’s the 1.600 version, it likely includes the recent Bounty […]

Spacey Snippets – 6-27-12

Hey y’all, haven’t done one of these in a while, but a decent amount of newsy news has come down the pike since the last round of Snippets, so let’s buckle up and dive in, shall we? Space Sector has their Drox Operative preview up, which is a great read. If you haven’t checked mine […]

Salvation Prophecy Released!

Wow, this was a surprise! I hadn’t heard any news about this game in a while, and suddenly the PlaySF blog says it’s released! If you’re unaware, Salvation Prophecy is a spacey game that also allows ground-based combat, exploration, military missions and much more. It looks pretty cool, so head over to GamersGate if you’re at all […]

Endless Space Tidbits

Hey y’all, there’s been some fun developments regarding Endless Space, so I’ll hit ’em up one by one: According to this forum post, the game will be coming out a bit sooner than we all expected, specifically on July 4th. Perfect, since I’ll have off that day. ;) Aplitude Studios are doing a press tour which so […]

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