Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion – Barely Prepared for a Hostile Galaxy

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  1. Lulloser says:

    I am about to win my 12 hour game! :D
    2vs2 without ally win. my mate just declared me war. But thats not problem.
    played 6 hours without break xD

  2. Lulloser says:

    And yea, you get one free Capital at start.

  3. Aredyn says:

    Nice entry.
    I also just started playing Sins for the first time, and it’s fascinating, amazing how I’m discovering what 4X was till now, being a fan of the X-Series. Probably the best thing this standalone expansion has is the great UI and easy to learn tutorials and stuff. I definitively thought it’ll be very complex with a steep learning curve, but it’s not, almost 8hrs in-game and very satisified.
    Anyways nice writing here, keep it up and more screenshots :D

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Hi Aredyn, and welcome to the blog! Thank you for the kind words also! :) As far as 4X goes, this honestly is on the lighter end of the spectrum, being more an RTS with 4X elements, but it really is a great place to get started. :) Glad you’re enjoying it!

  4. Peter says:

    Welcome on board the Sins bandwagon, Brian! I’m a long-time Sins player (pre-ordered Rebellion basically the moment it was announced), but guess what, my PC picked the eve of the Rebellion release to conk out. :( Still waiting on the PC to return from the service centre.

    The pirates pack a punch, and I believe they’ve only grown stronger with successive expansions to the game. At least in singleplayer, the trick is to look at the bounties being offered, and then assess whether or not you can match them. If there’s no way you can pay off the pirates, save your cash. If you CAN pay off the pirates (by liquidating resource stockpiles if necessary), then do it! Better to have them flatten the AI then come after you.

    Once you’re stronger, later in the game, then you can think about farming pirates for capital ship EXP….

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Welcome to the blog Peter man! Don’t forget to tune into channel nine, man! ;) Seriously, thanks for the tips. I’m enjoying Sins very much. Very nice balance of 4X and RTS. :)

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