Gemini Wars: Fighting Smartly Against a Tough, but Inconsistent Enemy

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8 Responses

  1. sounds good. i’ll wait for a demo though. too expensive to buy before i try.

  2. Doug says:

    I really want to like this game, I really do. Unfortunately, every time I get about 30 minutes into Mission 3, I quit out of annoyance. I’m just not having any *fun* with this one. It feels like they left out all of the interesting bits. The combat is uninteresting, the unit mix is dull, the ship models don’t look great, the explosions and just not very well done…and don’t even get me started on the camera. Your mission two play through inspired me to give it another shot – if you could find it so inspiring, maybe I was missing something. Took me about 30 minutes to give up.

    Maybe with some patching I’ll be able to get into it more, maybe it just isn’t my game. I seem not to be alone on this one though; there’s a fair bit of disappointment with this game on the forums I’m reading.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Welcome to the blog, Doug! Sorry you’re having trouble with the game. It worries me because that’s the next mission I’ll be playing as well. If the 3rd mission is that tough, that’s a serious difficulty wall. :(

  3. lordkosc says:

    needs moar screenshots!


  4. Soban says:

    i like it, but yes it does need work …
    though frankly, for a game in its early stages these guys have done well … its an indie game with 3 developers – may of needed longer in beta Mojangs “Minecraft” spent a full 2 years in beta before Notch was happy with it if im not mistaken.
    Frankly im already more impressed with this than sins of a solar empire, sins is just … meh … no story, no lore … just ships and space, its like an RTS without the effort … heck, that even made the joke of a sequel to Supreme Commander (supcom2) look like a game that had effort put into it.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Welcome to the blog, Soban! And yeah, I like that it has a story, makes it a bit more engaging I think. Sins is a different cup of tea, however. :)

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