Fragile Allegiance Now on GOG

Fragile Allegiance Screenshot
Building a Home on Floating Rocks…

This is a surprising one, as I’m not that familiar with many folks who played this game. The good folks at GOG have released Gremlin Interactive’s Fragile Allegiance for $5.99! I don’t honestly have a lot of memories of this one except for the cool part where you can ADD AN ENGINE TO AN ASTEROID AND USE IT AS A WEAPON. I always loved doing that. Anyway, head on over to GOG and check it out. Enjoy!

Author: Brian Rubin

5 thoughts on “Fragile Allegiance Now on GOG

  1. Interesting, indeed. Thanks for pointing this one out, Brian. I’ve got probably three different design docs on file for future projects that touch on things that appear to be elements of this game, which for some reason I’d never heard of before. Definitely going to have to grab a reference copy for enjoyment and food for thought.

    1. Yeah, it’s one of those obscure titles that drowned in a ton of other releases around the same time, IIRC. I mean look what else came out in 1997:

      Darklight Conflict
      Imperium Galactica
      Independence War
      Space Empires III
      Star Wars: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter
      Wing Commander: Prophecy

      So yeah, lots to get buried under.

    2. Actually, according to Wikipedia, it came out for DOS originally in 1996, which was an even nuttier year, release-wise.

        1. Welcome to the blog Captain Kal, and that makes SO much sense. I saw the game as I was doing research for my massive game list and was like “Whhyyyy does that look familiar?” That ‘splains it then. Thanks! :)

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