Torchships Developer Launches Plan B

TorchShips Screenshot
Time to Shoot for Plan B! :)

Hey y’all, remember that neat looking game Torchships about which I did a Q&A with the developer a little while back? Well developer John Gillespie posted on their Kickstarter wall announcing they’re launching plan B, since the Kickstarter campaign was sadly unsuccessful.

This plan B will include the launch of official forums, pre-orders for a demo and Linux support, since that was just included in Unity 4. It’s great to see a project like this continue despite the failed Kickstarter campaign, so head on over, sign up on their new forums, and give ’em some support. The more spacey games we have, the better. Thanks! :)

Author: Brian Rubin

9 thoughts on “Torchships Developer Launches Plan B

  1. Thanks for posting this Brian – good to get the word out on this! (panzerde of the forums).

    1. Yeah, me too, Kickstarter is great, but it doesn’t have to be the final option, so I’m glad folks are moving past it. :)

  2. Brian, I just wanted to applaud your commitment to not just space games – but to their developers & the projects they have in development! As an indie developer currently working on a space series, I know how demoralizing suffering a setback in development can be. Its great to know there is someone out there like yourself willing to support our efforts and give us something to work for! THANKS for everything!

    1. Aawww, thanks so much, I do it out of love for the genre and for those who contribute to it, and I’m thrilled to help in any way I can. :) What space series are you working on, by the way? The URL you’ve provided doesn’t work? :(

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