SOL: Exodus is Steam’s Daily Deal

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Get This for 50% Off! Again!

So for the second time in a few months, if I recall correctly, Steam’s daily deal is SOL: Exodus for 50% off, or $4.99. I’d say that’s an excellent price for a game that’ll give you three to five hours of play time. If you want to learn more, check out my review series. Enjoy!


    1. Its the mission where you get waves of tiny bomb-things racing towards your mothership, and then a bunch of friendly frigates jumping in with disabled engines. I always have one too many bombs reaching my ship and blowing it up in what is presumably the last wave.
      I know the tactics and all, it just got too tiresome. I guess i’ll try again at some point.

      1. Guh, yeah, I hear ya. One of my pet peeves of this game was not being able to target incoming bombs/missiles/drones effectively. I just flew around hitting either the spacebar or the next target button at random until I found one heading for my ship. It was fairly frustrating, as I recall. :/

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