Space Rangers 2: Reboot Sold for a Song Today on GOG

Space Rangers 2
Space Rangers 2 for $4! Get it Now!!

One of the reasons I’ve not pushed buying the amazing Space Rangers 2 on is because it didn’t include the Reboot expansion. Well, that changes today, as now sells Space Rangers 2: Reboot, which is the original game plus the expansion, and if you purchased the game previously, your copy will be updated to include Reboot!

If, however, you’ve not yet purchased this amazing game, you can buy this AMAZING game for just $3.99. Heck, I might quadruple-dip on it because it’s DRM free and to support GOG as well. It’s that good a game that I don’t mind buying it multiple times. If you’ve not yet purchased this fantastic game, now is the best time to do so. Enjoy!!

Author: Brian Rubin

9 thoughts on “Space Rangers 2: Reboot Sold for a Song Today on GOG

  1. I wonder if their version is any more stable than the one I got from GamersGate. The version I have crashes to desktop randomly and nothing seems to help. It’s too annoying to play unfortunately.

      1. Have you had a chance to try it? The sale ends today I think. I guess it probably doesn’t matter, it will go on sale again someday (probably soon).

          1. What I meant was in reference to my original question, is the GOG version any more stable? I guess if you haven’t had problems with it before then you probably can’t help me.

            1. I’ve not played the GOG version. The one I’ve played most is the one on Impulse, which typically works fine for me. :)

              1. I guess I’ll just wait for the HD re-release. Maybe it will work better for me.

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