Spacey Snippets – 6-27-12

All those little dots are news stories...

Hey y’all, haven’t done one of these in a while, but a decent amount of newsy news has come down the pike since the last round of Snippets, so let’s buckle up and dive in, shall we?

  • Space Sector has their Drox Operative preview up, which is a great read. If you haven’t checked mine out yet, you can read that too. ;)
  • There’s a ton of Endless Space chatter going on right now, including a series of After Actions Reports (Parts 1, 2, and 3) from Space Sector as well as articles from Nerd Age and Rock, Paper, Shotgun.
  • According to, long-time Star Trek Online designer Dan Griffis is resigning in a few weeks to follow up on a new opportunity.
  • Rock, Paper Shotgun also has another excellent article up discussing Skyjacker, which is a great read. They also have a new team-member and a new media campaign, according to this Kickstarter update, as well as some new screenshots on their official site. Don’t forget Skyjacker still has a Kickstarter going.
  • The Starlight Inception Kickstarter page has a new update entitled “Inside the Ready Room” which is a fairly detailed status update on how the game is progressing.
  • Besides my own look at the game, there are a lot of new Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion reviews out, including at PC Gamer, GameSpy, NeoSeeker, Space Sector and Gaming Trend.
  • The PlaySF blog has quite a few new articles, including a Q&A with Michael Shade of Fishlabs regarding Galaxy on Fire’s upcoming PC release, a review of Arvoch Alliance, a Q&A with 1C’s Sergey Gerasev, a Q&A with Keith Newton of I-Novae studios about their game Infinity, and an article entitled Explore And Expand, Or Exploit And Expire? regarding the apparent stagnation of 4X games.
  • The Star Made blog on IndieDB has been updated with articles covering a new graphics upgrade, space stations, docking modules and the game’s infinite universe.
  • The Blockade Runner site has been updated with models of a TIE Fighter, a carrier and more.
  • There’s a new video for Ring Runners detailing their fourth archetype, Arsenals. I’ll also embed this after the cut.
  • In Freespace Open news, a new campaign has been released entitled Luyten Civil War which looks pretty sweet.
  • There’s a new trailer for Legends of Pegasus which looks pretty dang sweet, and which I’ll also embed after the cut.
  • The Beyond Beyaan blog has been updated with entries on a new economy system and another look at squadrons.
  • Whereas before it was only available on Steam, you can now purchase SOL: Exodus on Desura as well!
  • In non-gamey news, the Concept Ships blog has been on a roll of late, with excellent entries from Carlo Arellano, Maciej Kuciara, Tuomas Korpi, Galan Pang and Fausto De Martini.
  • Finally in non-gamey news, has a gallery of what they feel are the 23 Coolest Onscreen Spaceships ever. I agree with a lot of the list, but Serenity at #17? I cry shenanigans. Clearly that’s the best ship ever. Science says so. ;)

Whew, that’s a lot! *pant pant* ;) I hope y’all enjoyed it and found it useful! Don’t forget if y’all find news that I’ve not covered, you can send it my way with the contact form. Have a great day!

Author: Brian Rubin

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