Alright, I Might Be Deeply in Love with A Game (A Small Ode to Drox Operative)

Drox Operative Screenshot
If Only One Could Propose to A Game…

As I reported earlier, pre-orders for Drox Operative went on sale yesterday morning, since this is, essentially, my most anticipated game of 2012 (given how much I LOVED Soldak’s last game, Din’s Curse), I HAD to play it immediately. Last night after getting home from work, I immediately ordered and installed my very own copy. Now, I’ve only had time to play for about an hour, but this game has SERIOUSLY, DEEPLY clicked with me.

I mean sure the game has issues. The minimap is dang near useless at the moment, movement can be a bit funky and slow, and so on. Once I got passed those niggles — which will likely be fixed — I began having a grand old time. Like the beginning of any relationship, there are things in need of fixing. ;) — this game totally sunk its teeth in my soul.

Why am I telling you this? Because while I have a TON of other games I need to play right now for this blog, it’s going to be VERY difficult not to play Drox Operative. It’s really that good, even at this early stage. I’ll have a preview whipped up next week, but until then…don’t bug me for a while…I’ll be playing possibly my new favorite of 2012. ;)

Author: Brian Rubin

7 thoughts on “Alright, I Might Be Deeply in Love with A Game (A Small Ode to Drox Operative)

    1. Basically, imagine a game of Master of Orion 2 or Distant Worlds going on. You’ve got empires scrambling for space, technology, power etc. Yet, in the midst of all that, you pilot a lone ship that can work for these empires, and this is done in an ARPG fashion, with quests and lots of enemies and so on. It’s just…incredible.

  1. If only SPAZ and Drox could have a baby. That said, I’ll take Drox over SPAZ simply because of the replayability factor (based on what I’ve played and how similar Drox is to Din’s Curse, which was replayable ad infinitum).

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