Drox Operative: 4X Gaming on a Micro Scale

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  1. Jan says:

    While liking it, I find exploration to be a bit pointless right now, I can just aswell restart a galaxy and get new stuff at higher level than to meander out in search of goods.

    It’s suffering from the Oblivion sickness where everything is the same level as you, unless you set it to be otherwise.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      That’s a fair point. It’s interesting that it gives you a warning about leaving a system’s confines, but doesn’t stop you either. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was awesome stuff out there past the system edge to explore? HHmmmm…

  2. Lulloser says:

    This game rocks.

  3. Zeraan says:

    This game sounds fun! Unfortunately I don’t have the cash for it due to reasons I will post on my blog… :( But will keep an eye on it!

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Oh no! Is everything okay?!

      • Zeraan says:

        Yeah, just posted. In sum, our old car died, we got a new used car…

        • Brian Rubin says:

          Oh no, is everyone okay?

          • Zeraan says:

            Yeah, we’re all okay, the car just died, not anyone :) But we had to spend some money for the new used car, hence no money for this game… This looks like my type of game! And Endless Space as well… Grr! Stupid car, you had to die on me!

            • Brian Rubin says:

              Well I didn’t know if it died in traffic or anything. Still ugh. :(

              • Zeraan says:

                Ah, I apologize for being unclear. When the head gasket cracked, the exhaust from the engine went inside the coolant system, building up pressure there. When I parked my car, the built-up pressure stopped circulating which resulted in the coolant reservoir cracking and spilling out all of the coolant :(

  4. Veav says:

    The phrase I’d heard from everyone was “Diablo with spaceships” so the actual thrust of the game ended up a complete surprise to my co-op buddy and I when we went in. Fun! But we really hope there are faster travel options as the game gets going, like clicking a location and pathfinding your way there. Navigation is frustratingly slow. :|

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Yeah, hopefully things will be sped up, but yeah, TOTALLY fun game. How is the co-op? I’ve yet to try it.

  5. BiggerBoat says:

    Enjoying this one as well. I loved Din’s Curse, and Drox is definitely cut from the same cloth (in a good way).

    I like the fact that, at least thus far, clearing a sector is a bit more involved and satisfying than clearing a town in Din’s Curse. There’s multiple approaches you can take, and it’s possible to try out fun things like declaring war against the most powerful race in a sector to see if you can help the underdogs get a foothold.

    I agree with all of the positive in your posts. I’ll be putting some serious time into Drox, I am sure.


    Clearing away the fog of war from a sector is a bit of a chore. In Dun’s Curse, it was interesting to explore a dungeon, and the physical constraints of walls and doors helped you find your mission targets. In Drox, the openness means you’ll be flying around in circles, or zig-zag patterns or whatever, and it’s not particularly interesting. I would even argue that the fog of war may not be necessary, and that upon entering a system the planets and gates should be revealed. The gates might tend to be surrounded by more difficult enemies. This would replace the drudgery of clearing away the gray with the fun of pew-pew and explody bits.

    Alternatively, more powerful radar might clear away big swaths of the fog, but I don’t think this would work great because it would mean that one of your critical slots gets taken up by a piece of equipment that would be (for me) mandatory.

    Also, it’d be nice to have assassination targets show as radar blips roughly in the area where they were last known to be operating. Again, the lack of dungeon constraints leads to some frustration and boring flying about.

    Thanks for the blog. I’m a space gamer dating back to Elite on my C64. Great to see space games get some attention.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Welcome to the blog, BiggerBoat, and thanks for the kind words! Have you also seen Space Sector and Space Sim Central? They’re also great space game sites that have a wider focus than I do. :) Anyway, yeah, I’ve seen that particular issue pop up several times on various forums. Thankfully they keep making improvements and pumping out new patches, so hopefully they’ll make exploration more fun/meaningful/engaging. :)

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