Salvation Prophecy Released!

Salvation Prophecy Screenshot
More Spacey Action Now Available! :)

Wow, this was a surprise! I hadn’t heard any news about this game in a while, and suddenly the PlaySF blog says it’s released! If you’re unaware, Salvation Prophecy is a spacey game that also allows ground-based combat, exploration, military missions and much more. It looks pretty cool, so head over to GamersGate if you’re at all interested, and enjoy!

Author: Brian Rubin

4 thoughts on “Salvation Prophecy Released!

  1. I will defently get this!
    When im Liquid again. ( No, I’m not a T1000! ;) )

  2. You should have snagged the demo…there is one, ..

    The game is another one of those ..good ideas, but uhm.. implemented best

    1. I’ve got the full version, I’ve just not had time to play it. And yeah, I’m used to quirky games, so a messy implementation, if that’s the case, doesn’t scare me. :)

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