Quick Spacey News Digesty Thing 7/30/14: Damn RL…

My Life of Late...

Helloooo my friends! Sorry for the lack of updates or news, life has been CRAZY of late with work being busy along with apartment hunting/moving stuff. Rather than go through all the news of the past few weeks, today I’m gonna hit some of the highlights to help keep y’all informed. Once the move is […]

Congrats to the Latest Greenlight Spacey Games

3 - My New Name. Dangerous.

Steam just released it’s latest batch of Greenlit games, and there’s some spacey game goodness in there, including: Cosmonautica – A fun FTL-like game. We’ll have the developer of the game on our podcast next week, so stay tuned! Dangerous – Yaaaay! I love this open-universe combat/trading/exploration game, and even said so in my review, […]

Spacey Game Newsies and Dealsies 3/28/14: The Thank-Gawd-It’s-Friday Edition

Two news posts within a week? HOW CAN ANYONE LIVE AT THAT SPEED?  I’m unsure my friends…maybe I’ve finally gone mad. But I’ll tell you this, I’m on the upswing in terms of energy and motivation from my low point earlier this week. I therefore wanted to pound out some more news and deals before […]

Spacey Game News 3/25/14 – There-Went-March Edition

Hello my friends! I’m sorry I’ve been so absent of late, but wow am I tired! A short time ago, I went to Yosemite for the better part of a week (some pics here) for a wedding in which my girlfriend was the maid of honor. As awesome a time as I had, it was […]

Let the Sales Commence!!

It’s that time folks: Holiday saving season! Steam has just launched their Autumn Sale today, and I’ve not yet had time to go through it, but I plan to soon, so stay tuned as I’ll likely update this post once I find stuff. Okay, I went through all ninety-plus pages of Steam’s game list and […]