Let’s Preview Battlestation: Harbinger – Sweet, Tactical Goodness


Welcome to Battlestation: Harbinger my friends! In this tactical, top-down roguelike, you take your ragtag fleet — which could be made up of 1-3 capital ships and a variety of fighters — to fight your enemies, scrounge for resources and save your race. This game has you jumping from one sector to the next, similar to FTL, but rather than focusing on crew management like that game, Battlestation: Harbinger focuses on tactics and ship management. Your starting ship has several mounts upon which you can mount weapons, defenses and even hanger bays, and each of these can be upgraded individually, or swapped out entirely for new components as you can afford them. It gives you a wide array of toys to play with, which can in turn change your tactics. You take this fleet of yours and complete missions found via stations and wandering vendors throughout your journeys, and how far you get denotes how much experience you get in the end. If you level up, you can start with a more powerful ship. It’s a varied, fun and challenging game that I can’t wait to play more of as it goes to full release. If you’re looking for something that is tactically challenging and viscerally satisfying, check this game out. Thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

4 thoughts on “Let’s Preview Battlestation: Harbinger – Sweet, Tactical Goodness

  1. “Kick the behind, Kick all of the behinds.” This is why I watch your videos.

  2. I picked this up just last evening. For me the game is digital crack. Kicking all of the behinds is a blast. Great video as always Brian.

    1. Welcome Joe, and thank you! Glad you’re enjoying the game as much as I am! ;)

  3. “… how far you get denotes how much experience you get in the end …”

    Actually, you need to get far, fast. If you go far, but slowly and cautiously, you lose experience due to all the extra turns you spend. The game is definitely more interesting and enjoyable than I was expecting.

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