Let’s Play Interstellaria – Entry 1 – Getting Our New Ship Into Shape

Get 'Em GET 'EM!
Get ‘Em GET ‘EM!

Hello my friends, and welcome to the first entry in my weekly Let’s Play series covering the recently released crew management sim, Interstellaria. Right off the bat I have to admit I’m a bit biased toward this game due to its heavy Starflight-based aesthetic, but beyond that, I’m gonna try to be as objective as possible. ;) That said, in this first entry, which guides us through the earliest portions of the game and its associated gameplay, I got kicked out of our home, hired by a salty space crew, crash landed, found my own ship, and are now on my way to a colony to upgrade my starmap. Yay! While it’s a bit quirky in a few areas, especially the UI, I am still really enjoying this so far! Stay tuned for more entries in this series, and thanks so much for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

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