What’s Coming Up This Week (9/10/18)

Welcome to another week of spacey gaming, my friends! I’m back on the horse with content this week, starting this this week’s game of the week. Empyrean Frontier is a mix of Conquest: Frontier Wars-style RTS with FTL-style sector jumping. It’s deep, it’s detailed, and it’s hard as heckfire. I also have a video up of Between the Stars, since we’re having the developer on the podcast tomorrow. Finally, tomorrow I’ll be putting up a video of the very Starflighty (in a good way) space adventure game, Starcom: Nexus. Sadly it has nothing to do with the amazing line of Starcom toys from the 80s.

On this week’s early-morning podcast (Tuesday, 6:00 AM Pacific, Twitch, YouTube, Mixer), as mentioned, we’ll be talking to the developer of Between the Stars, which is also about to launch a Kickstarter!

On Thursday’s LAN Party (Thursday, 5:30 PM Pacific, Twitch, YouTube, Mixer), we’ll revisit the challenging co-op shooter (so much so I’ve been stuck on the same mission for ages now) AirMech Wastelands!

Thanks for being awesome everyone, and for letting me post these weekly updates!

Author: Brian Rubin

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