Let’s Preview Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander – All Your Base…

Kill 'Em! Pew Pew!
Kill ‘Em! Pew Pew!

Welcome to Halcyon 6, my friends! This crew/station/fleet management and combat game had a wonderfully successful Kickstarter last year, and is about to come out of early access! I realize now I should’ve backed at the soundtrack level. Anyway, this roguelike thingy has both space and ground combat, station and resource management, research and more. The writing is hilarious and charming, the graphics, also charming, and the gameplay is really a lot of fun. I’ve got about two hours into the game so far and it’s just been a blast. If you like FTL-style games, but with even more stuff to do, you need to check this one out, it’s really something.

Author: Brian Rubin

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