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FTL began what is kind of its own little subgenre of space gaming: the sector-jumping roguelike. Each sector holds the promise of reward or peril, and it’s always a tense experience jumping from one to the next. While FTL was a top-down crew-management game at its core, Nomad Fleet is a 3D space fleet combat game akin to Homeworld. Does this mixture work? Check it!

How Easy Was it to Get Into?

I had no problem learning the game, thanks to a streamlined interface and solid AI that knows what to do in varied situations. I really enjoyed that about the game, as it kept micromanagement of units to a minimum. I felt comfortable playing the game in just a few moments, because these things are familiar to me. For a new player it might be a bit more of a challenge, but the game does well with its training.

What Did You Think of The Game’s Usability?

The interface was fairly well-streamlined, surprisingly so given the amount of stuff you usually have to tell units in a 3D RTS to do. The AI in the game, again, is very competent, so it seems as if they removed buttons and controls you’d no longer need because the AI has a solid handle on things. This let to a nice, fluid usability that I really appreciated.

Was the Gameplay Challenging and Fun?

Indeed it was! I felt the challenges put forth in the various sectors that our fleet faced felt realistic (as realistic as a space game can be, you know?) and varied, and had a great time dealing with them. The only problem I had was in the last and final sector, which brings us to…

Did you Find any Glaring Flaws with the Game?

The final battle at the ancient jumpgate, wherein an alien mothership jumps in and prevents you from leaving as a clock ticked down, didn’t feel well-explained and, on the whole, a bit cheap. This was a big speed bump in what otherwise had been a pretty smooth experience, so it felt weird.

How Did it Look and Sound?

It’s a very pretty game, and the music is nice. The details on the ships are pretty good for an indie product. The explosions also have nice effects. Overall I really liked how the game looked and sounded.

Are you going to Keep Playing It?

At least for a few more sector runs, yeah, I’m really enjoying its bite-sized bits.

Which Were Your Favorite and Least Favorite Parts of The Game?

Favorite part was finding a sweet asteroid field that gave me the capability to fully deck out my fleet, that was so fun. Least favorite part was losing to a clock.

Should I Buy It?

Totally, especially if you enjoy either FTL or Homeworld types of games. It’s definitely worth your gaming dollar, I think.


Nomad Fleet was a very pleasant surprise. It’s very unassuming at first blush, but it has a depth and longevity that’s common of the best of these sector-jumping games. Overall, I had a great time with it, and I bet you will too.

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Author: Brian Rubin

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