Space Pirates and Zombies Coming to Mac!

Space Pirates and Zombies screenshot.

Coming to a Mac Near You!

Hey there y’all, happy Friday! I’m writing because Andrew Hume of MinMax Games — the folks that make Space Pirates and Zombies, of course — wrote me to say that early next week, they’ll be releasing the Mac version of their game on Steam! Yay! Since it’s the 1.600 version, it likely includes the recent Bounty Hunters expansion as well. It also apparently looks “pretty sexy” on Andrew’s Macbook Pro. ;)

So keep an eye out on Steam early next week, Macintosh games, for one of the best spacey games to be released in recent memory to come to your platform. Enjoy! :)


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Miscellany: I’m a Bad Blogger :/

Pulling Hair Out

TOO! MANY! GAMES! (#firstworldproblems) ;)

So a little while back, I declared my love for Drox Operative. Since then…it’s all I’ve played. Every spare moment. I even had a day last week wherein I couldn’t sleep and got up WAY too early to go to work, so I played an hour or so before I got ready and went in. Why am I telling y’all this?

Read On to Understand My Shame…


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Spacey Snippets – 6-27-12

All those little dots are news stories...


Hey y’all, haven’t done one of these in a while, but a decent amount of newsy news has come down the pike since the last round of Snippets, so let’s buckle up and dive in, shall we?

  • Space Sector has their Drox Operative preview up, which is a great read. If you haven’t checked mine out yet, you can read that too. ;)
  • There’s a ton of Endless Space chatter going on right now, including a series of After Actions Reports (Parts 1, 2, and 3) from Space Sector as well as articles from Nerd Age and Rock, Paper, Shotgun.
  • According to, long-time Star Trek Online designer Dan Griffis is resigning in a few weeks to follow up on a new opportunity.
  • Rock, Paper Shotgun also has another excellent article up discussing Skyjacker, which is a great read. They also have a new team-member and a new media campaign, according to this Kickstarter update, as well as some new screenshots on their official site. Don’t forget Skyjacker still has a Kickstarter going.
  • The Starlight Inception Kickstarter page has a new update entitled “Inside the Ready Room” which is a fairly detailed status update on how the game is progressing.
  • Besides my own look at the game, there are a lot of new Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion reviews out, including at PC Gamer, GameSpy, NeoSeeker, Space Sector and Gaming Trend.
  • The PlaySF blog has quite a few new articles, including a Q&A with Michael Shade of Fishlabs regarding Galaxy on Fire’s upcoming PC release, a review of Arvoch Alliance, a Q&A with 1C’s Sergey Gerasev, a Q&A with Keith Newton of I-Novae studios about their game Infinity, and an article entitled Explore And Expand, Or Exploit And Expire? regarding the apparent stagnation of 4X games.
  • The Star Made blog on IndieDB has been updated with articles covering a new graphics upgrade, space stations, docking modules and the game’s infinite universe.
  • The Blockade Runner site has been updated with models of a TIE Fighter, a carrier and more.
  • There’s a new video for Ring Runners detailing their fourth archetype, Arsenals. I’ll also embed this after the cut.
  • In Freespace Open news, a new campaign has been released entitled Luyten Civil War which looks pretty sweet.
  • There’s a new trailer for Legends of Pegasus which looks pretty dang sweet, and which I’ll also embed after the cut.
  • The Beyond Beyaan blog has been updated with entries on a new economy system and another look at squadrons.
  • Whereas before it was only available on Steam, you can now purchase SOL: Exodus on Desura as well!
  • In non-gamey news, the Concept Ships blog has been on a roll of late, with excellent entries from Carlo Arellano, Maciej Kuciara, Tuomas Korpi, Galan Pang and Fausto De Martini.
  • Finally in non-gamey news, has a gallery of what they feel are the 23 Coolest Onscreen Spaceships ever. I agree with a lot of the list, but Serenity at #17? I cry shenanigans. Clearly that’s the best ship ever. Science says so. ;)

Whew, that’s a lot! *pant pant* ;) I hope y’all enjoyed it and found it useful! Don’t forget if y’all find news that I’ve not covered, you can send it my way with the contact form. Have a great day!

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Salvation Prophecy Released!

Salvation Prophecy Screenshot

More Spacey Action Now Available! :)

Wow, this was a surprise! I hadn’t heard any news about this game in a while, and suddenly the PlaySF blog says it’s released! If you’re unaware, Salvation Prophecy is a spacey game that also allows ground-based combat, exploration, military missions and much more. It looks pretty cool, so head over to GamersGate if you’re at all interested, and enjoy!


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Endless Space Tidbits

Endless Space Exploration Screenshot

Taking Off Early, and More!

Hey y’all, there’s been some fun developments regarding Endless Space, so I’ll hit ‘em up one by one:

  • According to this forum post, the game will be coming out a bit sooner than we all expected, specifically on July 4th. Perfect, since I’ll have off that day. ;)
  • Aplitude Studios are doing a press tour which so far includes London and San Francisco. Check it out.
  • There’s also a great After Action Report over on Quarter to Three covering the beta as well.

More to come as things develop. Enjoy!


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Space Pirates and Gratuitous Zombie Battles Bundle Announced!

Gratuitous Space Battles Screenshot

Pew Pew on the Cheap!

OMG you guys, get this! Right now over on Show Me the Games, they’ve launched a new bundle entitled the Space Pirates and Gratuitous Zombie Battles Bundle — wherein you can get both Gratuitous Space Battles and Space Pirates and Zombies — for $14.99 for the next seven days. This is a great deal as not only do you get two EXCELLENT spacey games at a great price, but you directly support the developers as well, which is always totally worth it in my opinion. :) Head on over to Show Me the Games and check it out, and enjoy! :)


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