Month: May 2012

Spacey Kickstarters Still Needing Help

Hey y’all, some spacey game Kickstarter projects are coming to a close shortly, and aren’t near their funding goals, so if you can help ’em out, please do so, as we need more spacey games. These include: Kinetic Void: 30 Hours Left, 60% Funded Fully Funded!! YAY!! Edge of Space: 9 Days Left, 53% Funded Conquest […]

Off-Topic: Uuuuuugh…

Hey y’all, you might’ve noticed the site’s been light on updates for a few days or so now, and I’m sorry about that. I had a craaaaaaaaaaazy time at work last week which really sapped all of my energy, and this past weekend I went to a wedding in San Diego, which kicked my butt […]

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