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This Could Still Grace our Screens!

So y’all might recall some time ago that the folks at Most Wanted Entertainment put up a campaign for a sequel to their excellent Nexus: The Jupiter Incident on a Kickstarter-like site called Games Plant. Sadly, nothing ever came of it. Recently — thanks to a request from reader “frptunz” — I followed up with my contact over at Most Wanted to see what happened. Apparently,

Yes, unfortunately Games Plant was a failure and it buried Nexus 2 as well.

HOWEVER, in the next sentence:

BUT… :) we are currently preparing a new campaign on Kickstarter, which should start in a few weeks’ time.

SO HOLY CRAP, Nexus 2 might still happen! Woohoo! To learn more about Nexus 2, please check out my Q&A with the developers, and stay tuned as I’ll bring you more on this as I get it! Thanks for reading!

Author: Brian Rubin

23 thoughts on “OMG! NEXUS 2 MIGHT STILL HAPPEN!

    1. Oh yeah, totally. A well-established property on a well-established crowdsourcing site will likely do much better than they did on that Games Plant thingy.

  1. oh great, liked the first game.
    And I can’t help them :D till Paypal will join Kickstarter.

    1. I bet they’ll come around in time, it’d be in their best interest to do so.

  2. I got this game when it was on sale over a month ago and still haven’t played it. :( why do pc games have to be so cheap. i acquired more games in the last few months for pc than i probably ever owned in my life on consoles.

    1. I blame the ease in which digital distribution gels with my shopping compulsivity. ;)

  3. well i’ve never even heard of game plant. if i was trying to get funding i wouldn’t use anything but kickstarter as everyone knows about it, maybe i’d use indie go go but i don’t think many know of it either, not like kickstarted anyway.

  4. I can verify this as I have received the same email last week. I also got the same permission to start spreading the word. Here’s a copy of the original email I received from the studio director of Most Wanted Gaming. I’ve removed personal information for both mine and Zsolt’s mutual privacy. And I can verify that they are happy for us to spread the word about Nexus 2 coming to kickstarter in a few weeks. I made a similar video on youtube the day I got the below email at

    From: Zsolt Tatrai
    To: ‘ Nicholas ******** ‘
    Sent: Thursday, May 10, 2012 5:02 PM
    Subject: RE: Nexus the Jupiter Incident 2

    Hi Nick,

    Apologies for my late reply and thanks a lot for your support of Nexus 2.

    Yes, unfortunately Games Plant was a failure and it buried Nexus 2 as well.

    BUT…smile.gif, we are currently preparing a new campaign on Kickstarter, which should start in a few weeks’ time.

    We all hope we can bring our favorite game back to life with the help of the fans like you this time.



    Zsolt Tatrai
    Studio Director
    Most Wanted Entertainment
    Address: 110 Váci út
    1133 Budapest, Hungary
    Tel/Fax: +36 1 783 7125

      1. Thanks and no problem. I really want to see this game get made. So I’m trying to spread the word to as many places as I can where people would actually be interested. Still having trouble getting the major game news sites to report it though. All of them seem too interested in promoting yet another Call of Duty game than to report on a game that’s actually worth informing the public about.

        1. They’ll likely pick up on it once it launched. As of right now, it’s only rumors from some fans.

          1. I guess I can see your point from the sites perspective. But they’ve reported more on less information quite often in the past and currently. I would have thought this was a rumor as well if I hadn’t received the above email last week. I only got this email because I contacted them directly to find out if the game was in development because I couldn’t get verification elsewhere.

            1. I know, but there’s also another factor likely here…space gaming isn’t popular, and Nexus is like a niche within a niche, so they’ll only likely spend the time on something as nichey as our beloved game once we have something concrete and not before. :/

  5. You call it niche, i call it the one thing plenty of people want today.
    The industry is flooded with shitty FPS’s and generic Hack&Slash crap and even more irritating, the flood of mmo crap.
    And of course everything is in the line of “broader audience” which is the one sentence i hate to hear.

    There are plenty and more and more gamers today looking for anything that takes a path away from that crap and doesn’t hold that retardation which is killing the industry “social integration”. A gaming industry that doesn’t even focus on games anymore.

    1. Hey Bricks, welcome to the blog. I have to say, however, I don’t like the adversarial tone of your post. If I’ve misread I’m sorry, but you’re on a blog about space game, you’re kinda preaching to the choir.

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