Kinetic Void Kickstarter Takes Off

Kinetic Void Screenshot

If You Build It, They Will Pew Pew

Hey y’all, just an FYI that the Kickstarter campaign for the impressive looking “space adventure sandbox”, Kinetic Void. This appears to be a space game heavy on customization and procedural content. Ships are assembled piece by piece, and the universe is different every time you play. It sounds pretty cool, honestly, so if you like what you see, kick ’em a few bucks. We can never have too many space games around, folks! :)

Oh, you can also download a demo of their shipbuiler as well, if you’d like to toy with it.

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10 Responses

  1. Lulloser says:

    Oh wow, now I dislike Kickstarter a bit. Only Kreditcards? wtf.
    Want to help :(

    I played the Techdemo some times ago.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Wait, what? I thought they used Amazon for payment, which takes nearly dang anything.

      • Lulloser says:

        Amazon says only kreditcards.

        • Brian Rubin says:

          Not even gift cards?! WTF?!

          • Lulloser says:

            Why can’t I use Paypal? Why can’t Kickstarter just take my credit card info?

            Kickstarter uses Amazon’s Flexible Payments Service, which enables our all-or-nothing funding method. No other credit card processor currently supports our requirements. We’re always talking with other companies and exploring other services, so expect more options in the future.

            • Brian Rubin says:

              Hey Lulloser, can you do something like Doc does down below? Getting a prepaid credit card?

        • Brian Rubin says:

          Hey, if you’re in Europe, these work I’m told:

          That’s the only other option, however. Maybe a pre-paid debit card? :(

        • i use amazon payments for anything i can and i use a walmart prepaid credit card for everything i buy online. ill be damned if i’m putting my debit card on the internet. nope, not me.

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